Thursday, September 13, 2012


Our own kids -- as well as most of the COOP kids we encounter every day -- are SUPER tech savvy. They have ahold of iphones and ipads and are digitally fascinated at ages as early as 2! So we were THRILLED to host a launch event for this amazing new company NUKOTOYS a couple of weeks ago. NUKOTOYS magically bring trading cards to life in a very cool interactive format played on your iPad, iphone or ipod touch. The first two games/cards are Monsterology and Animal Planet Wildlands. The games are a free download, and then you purchase collectible trading cards (similar to baseball or Pokemon cards), that actually "magically" (I am sure there is a technical and computer-rific explanation... but my artistic brain does not compute such things -- so I am sticking with it being pure unexplainable magic!) appear and interact with the game. You tap the screen of your device with your card and the Monster (in the case of the Monsterology game) or the Animal (the Wildlands game) springs to life IN the game/ ON your screen. It's so incredibly cool! Our kids were simply fascinated. It's not often that Lucinda and I see a table full of kids in the front room at the COOP -- the room that has NO Ballpit, NO slide, NO dance floor or toys.. the boring/ eating room! But NUKOTOYS came into that front room with their cards and iPads -- and the room was swarming with kids the whole party! The kids - aged 2 to 10 -- took to the games easily, and just LOVED the interactive element. It was such a fun event for our kids, our COOP, and our friends at NUKOTOYS! Check out video from the event here...

... and then check out the games for your own kids! We think they will LOVE it

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have been privileged to be involved with so many wonderful parties at the COOP and over the past months they have continued to inspire me. Yo Gabba Gabba is a theme we have done many times so I was thrilled to work with the fabulous mommy on this one as she had so many super cute ideas. Every detail was amazing from the hand made cups to the gorgeous party banner. The cake and cupcakes were out of this world thanks to Julie of Blue Cupcakes and the amazing photographs are courtesy of Bebe Jacobs. This Yo Gabba Gabba party definitely left a party in the tummy...and the heart!