Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Don't you LOOOOVE!!!??!!!! We painted it like our cool wall in our lobby to make it "Tres Coop-e"!!! It's been a BIG hit so far. Isn't it great!?


Here are a couple of shots of an "Animal" themed party we did last weekend. As usual -- the COOP can't go the obvious route -- so we did a MOD version of an animal theme. The mom and dad are super hip and cool -- and we knew they'd love a modern take on the theme... so we went for it. It was a party for 2 little boys -- so we used our new graphic blue table runners -- and this was one of the fist parties with our Winter white balls hanging over the main table. Everyone got these super bright, super graphic (and super cute if I do say so myself) animal masks -- and matching bags filled with all kinds of cute critter goodies. It was so fun -- the boys (and mom and dad) were thrilled with how it looked!

Friday, October 8, 2010


We have gotten a lot of requests for Yo Gabba Gabba parties this year (maybe it has something to do with Brad Pitt as DJ Lance last halloween;) !) The FIRST time we got the request, there were no party supplies available -- so I had to download templates to MAKE party bags in the shape of all the characters from their website. Very cute -- waaaaaay too time consuming! Finally some party supplies hit the market. As we have mentioned before -- sometimes it's not possible for us to just do a broad modern interpretation on the gift -- sometimes we NEED to do the branded stuff. When we do -- we still try to keep the look neat and clean... as is evident here (I hope). I love the multicolored balloons -- and the bright green paper "grass"runners. It's a super cheerful, colorful fun party... hope you like!!!


Here is an example of us turning something that has virtually NO party supplies on the market(I am sure they will change that soon!) and making a party out of it. We took the GLEE logo and grabbed the colors for our color scheme -- Red, White and Yellow - used the striped tablecloth and did flowers in that color scheme as well. As I mentioned there are no actual party supplies available for this theme -- so we made our own! We printed stickers -- and placed them on the goodie bags and cake plates to make it "Glee-ie" and used posters on foam core as decor all around the space. The goodie bags included red and white pom poms, glitter microphones and a Glee CD in each. We think it turned out great -- it looked modern and clean and still "on theme"! Hope you agree....

Monday, October 4, 2010

the COOP is TWO!!

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The COOP is two today! Thanks to everyone who has supported us over these past two fabulous, fun (occasionally overwhelming !) years... we couldn't have done it without the support of so many fabulous friends, and like-minded mommies and daddies who have made the COOP such a wonderful success. We can't thank you enough for your love and support....