Friday, October 8, 2010


We have gotten a lot of requests for Yo Gabba Gabba parties this year (maybe it has something to do with Brad Pitt as DJ Lance last halloween;) !) The FIRST time we got the request, there were no party supplies available -- so I had to download templates to MAKE party bags in the shape of all the characters from their website. Very cute -- waaaaaay too time consuming! Finally some party supplies hit the market. As we have mentioned before -- sometimes it's not possible for us to just do a broad modern interpretation on the gift -- sometimes we NEED to do the branded stuff. When we do -- we still try to keep the look neat and clean... as is evident here (I hope). I love the multicolored balloons -- and the bright green paper "grass"runners. It's a super cheerful, colorful fun party... hope you like!!!

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