Wednesday, April 3, 2013


WOW!  We are in full on SUPERHERO swing here at the COOP!  First we had two of our super dooper celebrity clients choose to do superhero parties COOP and CABOODLE-style... then our backyard bash (the PARTY at HOME).. and now THIS!  Another CRATE went out today... this one is a SUPERHERO themed basic crate.  The basic crate is just the goodie bags and their fabulous contents (superhero cape, laser fingers and a superhero mask)... but -- they are, after all, the same super cool COOP Superhero goodie bags that Charlize Theron and Nicole Ritchie got for their special birthday boys!  We will  send YOUR superhero the same cool goodies if you go to our website and order a SUPERHERO CRATE today!


We shipped out this COOP CRATE to a lucky little lady in the Lone Star state today!  Mom ordered a COOP CLASSIC CRATE for her daughter's PRINCESS party next weekend.  The Classic Crate includes the hand made goodie bags (with glitter crowns and pink ribbons!), a birthday banner, vintage paper straws (pink stripes, of course) and the goodies for all the party go-ers.  The party princesses will all be twirlin' in Texas with their beautiful tutus, sequin tiaras and glitter princess star wands -- all  courtesy of the COOP -- and one savvy mom who knew that the BEST thing to have in your party arsenal is a COOP CRATE, so you can party like a COOP STAR no matter where you are!


No availability at the COOP on the day you want to party?  Got an amazing backyard you want to party in?  Or a park?  Or the beach?  You name the place and now the COOP will come to YOU!  We will send our darling COOP-ettes out to your desired location and they will set up and help host a fabulous cool COOP style soiree wherever you like!!  Theses are some pics of a SUPER fun SUPERHERO party we did in a backyard in the Hollywood Hills recently.  Giant balloons and disco balls floating in the pool? Check.  An amazing treat table replete with all sorts of cakes/ cupcakes/ candies and treats?  Check.  A dedicated table for the little revelers complete with superhero costumes and an amazing city scape centerpiece? Double check!  We are so thrilled to be venturing out beyond our four walls and bringing the COOP fun and festivities all over the LA area!  Check out our "PARTIES at HOME" chick on website for more details ( and check out SHARK TANK this FRIDAY, April 5th to see THIS party in action!!!  They actually came and filmed us set it up to use during our "update"!  Super exciting.....


I know we have a plethora of super fabulous Superhero party pics from Lucinda's previous post.... but I just HAD to share a few more of my favs from one I did recently.  The amazing and gorgeous Charlize Theron chose the COOP to host her little boy Jackson's first birthday.   We did it on a Tuesday - which was his actual birthday - making it all the more special and we were really thrilled to pull out all the stops fo rthis special little guy and his wonderful mom.   I made a super amazing birthday banner JUST for Jackson out of dotted wrapping paper (cut into triangles as the flags) and comic books (the letters) -- it turned out so so great!  I really love it and have used it many times since!!! Charlize was so so lovely -- and I can honestly say she was one of the warmest, happiest mommies I have ever seen. She was just THRILLED with the party, and the COOP, and the special day we helped make just for her little guy. The COOP was filled  that day with lots of wonderful friends and family who all had a BLAST celebrating Jackson's big day -- superhero style!!!


Theses are some cute pics of a THOMAS the TRAIN COOP and CABOODLE party we did recently.  Little man Laszlo was saying goodbye to 2 with a CHOO CHOO!  Laszlo LOVES Thomas so we went with the branded Thomas goodies on the bags, lolli's , plates and helium balloons.  I love a train party in turquoise and red -- so we kept all of our basics -- balloons, tablecloths, etc -- in that color scheme -- and accented it all with the branded goodies... so as not to overload on branded (usually kind of cheesy looking) stuff.  We stuck with our cool (unbranded) goodies for the goodie bags -- Engineer hats, bandanas, wooden train whistles and train cups for all.  The COOP fun is plenty for a party -- but Laszlo REALLY wanted a train too... so we brought in a trackless train for the outdoor courtyard area.  WE also had a great train conductor face painter/ balloon artist who added to the festivities.  Julie at blue cupcakes is responsible for that amaaaaazing cake and cupcake tower... and as usual she did not disappoint!  It was a wonderful party with lots of friends and fun!  Hope you enjoy the pics.

TICKLE TIME with Anne Heche

We did a great event a while back for Anne Heche.  She has a wonderful new sunscreen product called TICKLE TIME -- and we hosted the launch at the COOP.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a BLASDT!  Since it wasn't a birthday party -- we just went with a cool modern graphic look.  Her brand color is turquoise, so we incorporated a lot of that -- and added splashes of orange and yellow in keeping with the COOP colors -- to give the whole party a really cohesive look.  I made more paper flowers for the event (I have kind of been obsessed with them since I made a boatload last year for my school fundraiser) -- which are beautiful and since they are COOP color -- we have been able to use them over and over in the space!  I love the rubber bouncie balls in the Lollipop crates instead of the paper shred we usually use... so bright and colorful and fun.   Julie at Blue cupcakes did the cupcake tower, natch.    She never fails to impress me... love the simple colorful graphic shapes as cupcake toppers.   I just love love loved how the whole party came together - so wanted to share a few shots with you.  The sunscreen is also pretty cool if you are in the market... it's mineral based powder.   Check it out here