Wednesday, April 3, 2013


WOW!  We are in full on SUPERHERO swing here at the COOP!  First we had two of our super dooper celebrity clients choose to do superhero parties COOP and CABOODLE-style... then our backyard bash (the PARTY at HOME).. and now THIS!  Another CRATE went out today... this one is a SUPERHERO themed basic crate.  The basic crate is just the goodie bags and their fabulous contents (superhero cape, laser fingers and a superhero mask)... but -- they are, after all, the same super cool COOP Superhero goodie bags that Charlize Theron and Nicole Ritchie got for their special birthday boys!  We will  send YOUR superhero the same cool goodies if you go to our website and order a SUPERHERO CRATE today!

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