Thursday, September 16, 2010


We LOVE these Lunchboxes. Lucinda and I are both going into our second school year using them for each our boys. We both loved them so, we now sell them at the COOP. Did you know that a typical American child generates 67 POUNDS of lunch packaging waste each school year! That is an astonishing figure. My kids go to a "no trash" school -- which tries to get the kids to bring lunches that generate no extra trash (i.e ziplock baggies and juice box containers). We are officially superstars after showing up with our fabulous (and stylish!) GoGreen Lunchbox. The super cool (and insulated) exterior ... which comes in lots of cool designs... holds a 5 compartment tray that seals with a turn lock so your food -- no matter how gushy -- doesn't slosh into other compartments of the tray. It works great, looks great, and is great for the environment. What more can you ask for?


Another one for the boys.... I had someone in today asking about this here are the pictures! Again -- we made the table runners out of black wrapping paper that I added the yellow hash marks to, and then had laminated, to make a cool "road" runner. The hats are construction cones -- which are so cute on the kids! And everyone get a super cool monster truck, some stickers and an awesome tire shaped sippy cup as their goodie to go.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

COOL new retail Product. Rocklovepeace Wooden teethers

Just ordered some of these FAB eco friendly teethers to sell at the COOP. We think they are super cute, great for momma earth, and non toxic for the wee ones (MOST importantly!) The company who makes them, Rocklovepeace, says it best on their website " Many plastic baby products contain toxic additives that are harmful to your baby and the earth. Not to mention, plastic takes about 600 years to biodegrade! Wooden toys stimulate the senses with their natural beauty, contain nothing icky, and can be passed from generation to generation." Bravo! We couldn't have said it better ourselves.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Just like I mentioned before -- we try to not go the obvious cheesy route when it comes to "branded" parties. We try to take the character (usually a fabulous Disney character!) and "make it our own". That way we avoid the bag full of junkie plastic "goodies" as the gifts for our parties. For this party, we took the Beauty and the Beast idea and did yellow tutus (like Belle's dress) stuffed red roses (very romantic!) and pretty white gloves for the girls.... and the boys got blue capes, a clip on "beastly" tail and a black mask. Added a branded Mylar Balloon... vases of red roses and Voila! Again -- a "branded"party -- without the cheesy goodies! It looked so great -- and sooooooooo Beauty and the Beast. And best of all I can guarantee that the guests will enjoy their tutus and capes for a long time!

Hello Kitty

One for the ladies! Hello Kitty. At the COOP, we try to not go too cheesy with the "branded" parties. We try to keep all our parties cool and clean looking -- just like our space! But when a little lady requests Hello Kitty... we have to give her Hello Kitty. We hid the reeeeeeally branded goodies (sunglasses, lipgloss, etc ) inside the pink buckets -- that we added a Hello Kitty sticker to the front ... and then we stuck a fabulous Pink or white tutu and a tiara on top! Voila... a pretty party favor that pleases the eye -- and the party girls! The boys got the white bags -- which we stuffed with doggie goodies (dog ears, dog tag necklaces, bone candies, etc). Everyone was SUPER happy!

Superhero Party

One of the favorites for the boys! The Superhero party!!! I am so pleased with how the POW! etc signs turned out -- Grant and I made them on paper -- just with markers -- and then had them laminated so we can use them for all our fabulous superhero soiree's at the COOP!

Elmo Party

Just wanted to share some images of a super cute Elmo party we did recently. The rubber duckies in vases as centerpieces is a cute way to add some fun to the table. We use them for baby showers too! Check out the photos...