Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Kitty

One for the ladies! Hello Kitty. At the COOP, we try to not go too cheesy with the "branded" parties. We try to keep all our parties cool and clean looking -- just like our space! But when a little lady requests Hello Kitty... we have to give her Hello Kitty. We hid the reeeeeeally branded goodies (sunglasses, lipgloss, etc ) inside the pink buckets -- that we added a Hello Kitty sticker to the front ... and then we stuck a fabulous Pink or white tutu and a tiara on top! Voila... a pretty party favor that pleases the eye -- and the party girls! The boys got the white bags -- which we stuffed with doggie goodies (dog ears, dog tag necklaces, bone candies, etc). Everyone was SUPER happy!

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