Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Just like I mentioned before -- we try to not go the obvious cheesy route when it comes to "branded" parties. We try to take the character (usually a fabulous Disney character!) and "make it our own". That way we avoid the bag full of junkie plastic "goodies" as the gifts for our parties. For this party, we took the Beauty and the Beast idea and did yellow tutus (like Belle's dress) stuffed red roses (very romantic!) and pretty white gloves for the girls.... and the boys got blue capes, a clip on "beastly" tail and a black mask. Added a branded Mylar Balloon... vases of red roses and Voila! Again -- a "branded"party -- without the cheesy goodies! It looked so great -- and sooooooooo Beauty and the Beast. And best of all I can guarantee that the guests will enjoy their tutus and capes for a long time!

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