Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love it when our inspiring mommy clients come to us with a new theme idea that I am yet to tackle. Juliet and I love the constant challenge of finding fun, creative ways to present new themes. CAROUSEL HORSE is the perfect example and I ADORE how it turned out. I found it really difficult to find authentic carousel horse items so to set the stage I spent around three late nights perfecting a carousel horse cut out and once I had that everything else seemed to fall into place. I used the cutout to decorate the party bags as well as on the chocolate lollipop box and on the utensils holders. I wanted the flowers to look wild and fresh and I also wanted to use my favorite - daffodils as they are yellow a color mom requested and they have an English country side feel which was perfect for Carousel Horse. (A big thank you to photographer extraordinaire GREG FIORE for the amazing photos especially the opening DAFFODIL shot - SO COOPISH).As gifts all our little riders received their very own plush horsey, a delicious carousel horse chocolate lollipop and soaps made with personalized gift tags just for Tatum. All the kids wanted to go around one more time when the party came to an end - and mom loved it SO much her parting words were. "You guys are so amazing, I loved all the details you need to be on T.V! " mmm so sweet we LOVE what we do ...


What kid doesn't love fire trucks and yellow school buses - so why not mix the two and get double LOVE! That is exactly what this fab mom did for her very special boy LEO. I just loved the way the two colors popped together in the COOP lobby. I added mirrored vases for the flowers and you almost needed sunglasses when you entered and were beamed with the brilliant light. Julie of Blue cupcakes once again wowed us with her amazing talent. You really felt like you should get in the cupcake and zoom off as opposed to eating it! All our little FIREMEN and SCHOOL BUS drivers got to take home a fire hydrant cup to cool them down after all their HOT COOP FUN, a red tutu for the girls, fireman vests for the boys and of course a YELLOW SCHOOL BUS. Simply the BEST...

Colorful Crayola...

Recently a fabulous COOP mommy came to us with the idea of doing a CRAYOLA Party - what a FUN theme. Mom knew exactly what she wanted as party favors so we set about creating the perfect setting. I used white as my base color as I wanted it to look like a blank canvas. It also really made the FAB hanging, colored balls stand out. Our COOP manager Darlene really amazed me with the incredible gift bags she made - really cool. The cake spectacularly finished off the table and all our little artists went home with colored berets, aprons and paint brushes all inspired to exit the COOP and create their very own masterpiece!

Monday, June 11, 2012


One of our very favorite COOP Kids had his 3rd BDay party with us this weekend... and it was super cute! Logan has been playing and partying at the COOP with his gorgeous mom and dad for years (last year he did the airplane theme party...) and we were thrilled to host this ROBOT bash for him. We kept it bright and cool and modern -- just the way we like it at the COOP. We did some fun polka dot balloons -- along with a BIG BIRTHDAY BALLOON at the head of the table. The table runners were the mod blue on blue graphic runners, that we adorned with a Robot Pinata and some hand made COOP Robot cut outs marching down the center of the table. The goodie bags were a big hit -- filled with a robotic arm grabber, 80's style "robot" glasses, a wind up robot an duper cool laser fingers for all. Another gender neutral party gift that boys and girls love equally! Julie from blue cupcakes did a darling -- and mod -- take on a robot cake / cupcake tower that brought the whole theme home. It was a super party -- and we were honored to help Logan celebrate another great BDay in COOP style!!!


We had the sweetest little girl this weekend who is in love with the How to Train Your Dragon Movie -- so she wanted DRAGON party. At first she just wanted a blue Dragon Party --- then she came to "girlie" it up buy settling on a Rainbow Dragon theme. It was a really sweet, spectacular party. Mom was so so lovely -- and just over the moon with all we did to make her little girls's day special and beautiful -- and incorporate Dragons to boot! We discussed doing Rainbow Tutus for the girls like we do for a regular Rainbow party -- but mom thought that the wings were more dragon-ie.... so we went with those (birthday girl got both, of course!!). The boys got capes in different colors and these adorable Rainbow Derby hats -- which we were originally going to do for everyone, but the birthday girl really wanted a blue crown -- so we substituted crowns for the girls. Plus... everyone got a very cute stuffed dragon of their own to take home and train! The fabulous Julie from Blue Cupcakes (www.bluecupcakes.com) did the desserts -- which looked so gorgeous on the rainbow runners amidst the flowers we did for the party. I thought it really turned out beautifully -- and mom was so thrilled she wants us to come and do a theme party for her at home for Halloween! We are just starting to do mobile COOP (at your home) parties -- so we will be able to give her something truly spectacular for her at home bash come October!


Are you ready to RUUUUMBLE!!? Logan the birthday boy certainly was!!! We did a really fun MONSTER TRUCK party yesterday afternoon... that looked great. The birthday boy was THRILLED with all the trucks and checkered flags -- and mom and dad were so pleased with how we pulled it all together for them! We did our "road" table runners -- and had some trucks racing up and down the main table around 3 vases filled with large checkered flags. We anchored the monster truck and checkered flag balloons on the gift bag table with construction cones -- for an authentic look! The goodie bags were gender neutral -- All the race fans went home with a baseball cap with checkered flags on it, a real monster truck, a monster tire sippy cup and a sticker sheet. Everyone loved it -- and they all had an absolute blast. Another successful COOP party!

COOP Colored Under the Sea

We don't often post OTHER people's creative parties that they do at the COOP -- but this one I just had to share. Mom said she checks our blog regularly for inspiration -- and I bet Amy Atlas too with those fab circle fans hanging above the table and on the window! Doesn't it look amazing? We did the balloons for her, provided the glass cloches and helped her set it all up -- but the vision was hers. All the kids got to take home a goldfish -- and look at the little glass vials of fish food she provided... so pretty and beautifully displayed! I thought it was all just gorgeous. Just thought I would share....

COOP Cowgirl

This was a great party we did a couple of weeks ago for a sweet little friend called Ines. She wanted a Cowgirl/ Boy party... with some TOY STORY elements thrown in. She's a big Woody and Jessie fan. Normally for our cowboy/ girl party -- we do more blue and red colors (bandanna table runner, cowboy boot balloon etc)... but Ines wanted pretty pinks and yellows -- so of course we obliged! And I think it really looked lovely. As usual to add the TOY STORY elements -- we stuck with just balloons and plates and some giant swirly lollipop on the table with the whole TOY STORY Crew on them. Our gifts were Cowboy/ girl themed. Everyone got a cowboy hat, a sheriff badge and a Bandana, and the girls go a cute little cowgirl fringed skirt and the boys a fringed vest. So adorable. We had some Ponies on sticks for everyone to ride around the COOP -- and they were just thrilled! Itwas a wonderful party and every little cowboy and girl sauntered out of the COOP with a BIG smile that day!!