Tuesday, June 12, 2012


What kid doesn't love fire trucks and yellow school buses - so why not mix the two and get double LOVE! That is exactly what this fab mom did for her very special boy LEO. I just loved the way the two colors popped together in the COOP lobby. I added mirrored vases for the flowers and you almost needed sunglasses when you entered and were beamed with the brilliant light. Julie of Blue cupcakes once again wowed us with her amazing talent. You really felt like you should get in the cupcake and zoom off as opposed to eating it! All our little FIREMEN and SCHOOL BUS drivers got to take home a fire hydrant cup to cool them down after all their HOT COOP FUN, a red tutu for the girls, fireman vests for the boys and of course a YELLOW SCHOOL BUS. Simply the BEST...

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