Monday, June 11, 2012

COOP Cowgirl

This was a great party we did a couple of weeks ago for a sweet little friend called Ines. She wanted a Cowgirl/ Boy party... with some TOY STORY elements thrown in. She's a big Woody and Jessie fan. Normally for our cowboy/ girl party -- we do more blue and red colors (bandanna table runner, cowboy boot balloon etc)... but Ines wanted pretty pinks and yellows -- so of course we obliged! And I think it really looked lovely. As usual to add the TOY STORY elements -- we stuck with just balloons and plates and some giant swirly lollipop on the table with the whole TOY STORY Crew on them. Our gifts were Cowboy/ girl themed. Everyone got a cowboy hat, a sheriff badge and a Bandana, and the girls go a cute little cowgirl fringed skirt and the boys a fringed vest. So adorable. We had some Ponies on sticks for everyone to ride around the COOP -- and they were just thrilled! Itwas a wonderful party and every little cowboy and girl sauntered out of the COOP with a BIG smile that day!!

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