Monday, December 15, 2014


This was a really special one.  This party was for three of the loveliest kiddos that the COOP chicks have ever known.  An incredibly kind, gorgeous family that has supported us since the get go -- and they wanted to help them host a BIG BLOW OUT for all three kiddos in their new magical backyard.  The kids and their friends range in age from 7 - 12 ... and are equal amounts boys and girls.  So we just wanted to create something MAGICAL.  Nothing too boy or girl themed.  Just fun an magic and colorful and gorgeous.  We started with glitter and feathers and pom poms and just went from there.         The "usual" way to approach a garden party would be greens and wood elements -- but we thought we wanted to do something more bright and fun for this crowd!  We settled on a vibrant color scheme and started creating ribbon backdrops for the food table, the chairs, the swing  and the treehouse, as well as the amazing backdrop for the treat table.  That is kind of my favorite thing ever... my son Grant and I made it in our driveway.  We rolled a 20 foot piece of watercolor paper down our sloped driveway -- and then, just like a couple of Kindergartners... we covered the paper with pieces of colored tissue paper that we wet in order to get the color to bleed all over the paper.  The result is this amazing watercolor effect in these beautiful bright hues... that I just LOVED!!!!  I also spent what seemed like weeks glittering and assembling these amazing feather headdresses for all the kids.  I was SOOOO Happy when the birthday boys put theirs on the second they saw them (over their baseball hats!  So cute!!)  I also made a bunch of paper pinwheels in all the bright colors to decorate the yard.  There is a TON of yard -- and we had quite a few fun areas going on.  The golden pinata tree with 4 golden fringed pinatas.... the treehouse  area where the kids got burlap bags filled with slingshots and colorful pouf ammo (we even hand painted some bullseye's for them that we placed near the Teepee we brought in for the fun!) , a magical dress up area -- where we also hosted a magic show and of course the driveway was taken over by the extraordinarily looooong party table covered in feathers and glitter and poufs and flowers and fun of all kinds!!    A couple of weeks before the party, mom sent us the  invite she sent out for the party ... it was a beautiful handwritten note about how her kids were all growing so fast and how she wished so many things for them.  Then she listed her 27 wishes (27 is all three of their ages added together) for her kids on their birthday this year.  I thought it was such a beautiful sentiment that I really wanted to incorporate it somewhere.    I decided to use clear plastic plates and spray glue a square of white glitter paper with a wish at each place setting.  It was such a lovely and  personal touch at the party table.  Mom gathered up all the plates at the end so she keep them as a special memento.  It makes us so happy when people appreciate the time and effort we put into making their parties special and unique... and to see them want to hold on to that magic really makes us proud.  Julie from blue cupcake did the gorgeous bright fun cakes -- dipped in rock candy - which were  SOOOOO CUTE!!!  OK -- I could go on an don about this party but I won't -- I'll end it with some pics and this excerpt from the thank you e mail mom sent us onMonday...

"Honestly, that was a dreamy dreamy day… I received so many nice notes from people who echoed what I felt - that we were just reliving the whole party all Monday. You are a magic maker!!  I really can’t thank you enough, Juliet.  Jack, Calvin and Cecilia were in 7th heaven - they said it was their most favorite party ever.  A big hug is the closest thing to give you to represent the warmth and love you brought, but really it doesn’t do it all justice!

sigh, my words are inadequate. but hopefully you get the picture :)