Thursday, August 29, 2013

BEACH BASH -- Party at Home

We did this FAB Surf Shack/ Beach party about a month ago in a clients mom's backyard.  Grannie was the hostess with the mostess when Reeve and Xander celebrated their first birthday!  If I were a mom of one year old twins I doubt I'd have a party at MY house either... (Grannie to the rescue!!)  It was a lovely backyard that we helped make even more beautiful with all of out at home party goodies! As usual, we kept things bold, bright and modern -- keeping with an orange, blue and apple green color scheme.   We did a beautiful treat table (the amazing Julie at blue cupcakes never lets us down....) with cake cupcakes, cake balls, rice krispie treats on sticks, nutter butter flip flops (how cute are those!!!), some color coordinated candies and goldfish in a goldfish shaped glass bowl, naturally!  Fresh flowers galore and a really cool inflatable surfboard backdrop to really anchor the whole area.  It really looked so darling.  This is the first party at home that we used the smaller scale tables with the toddler sized chairs for the kids to sit and eat -- and I think it looked great.  The goodie bags were filled with sand pails and assorted sand toys, an inflatable beach ball, cool shades and a beach ball shaped sippy cup.  WE filled the side yard with varying sized beach balls for the kids to play -- and we also arranged for a bubble show.  Beachy fun for everyone!  Mom said that all her guests said it was the most gorgeous one year old's party they had ever been to... we LOVE to hear that!


Ahhh--- The Midsummer Knights Dreamy party.... a FAVORITE here at the COOP.  This is a great one because it's so beautiful and girlie -- but the boys get Knight costumes and swords so they are just as THRILLED with it as the beautiful girls with their fairy get ups (tutus, ribbon head garland and fairy wings).  We have posted pics of these parties before -- but we had a great photog shoot one recently so I decided to share.  I love the fresh flowers added to this one... so pretty.  Fresh flowers are always available as an add on at the COOP -- we think they really add a beautiful touch to all parties (even boys parties!!)