Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It has taken me forever and a day to post pictures from this DIVINE party. I think in part because I put so much effort into it. I spent a couple of sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to bring this incredible theme to light. I wanted to include so many of the detailed elements of color and whimsy and magic and I really hope that I achieved it. I cleared our usual retail shelves and set them up as the party favor station. I LOVED how it looked all gingham blue and white with the gorgeous red bows. The girls all took home a blue tutu, red hair bow, white gloves and a wand and all the kiddies got to fill their basket with yummy candy. The boys gift was centered around the adorable LION with Lion tails and ears and a Lion hand puppet that gave a good roar when you squeezed him. I added ruby slipper candy and our ginormous balloons as well as festive hats and rainbow fruit. Juliet and I put SO much effort into all our parties BIG and SMALL, we just love it. And really, we are so lucky to give people a little "Somewhere over the rainbow - were dreams really do come true".


This was our very first Equestrian party and I think it turned out beautifully. Mom had wanted something not to cutesy and not gimmicky so I stuck to a very simple color palate of brown, green, pink and white. Each of our little Equestrian's took home white gloves, an inflatable horse and a pony on a stick. Julie of Blue Cupcakes topped off the look with her spot on cupcakes which helped the little ones gallop away after another FAB COOP Party with big, big smiles on their adorable little faces...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't stop till you get enough!

I am so surprised that we have never been asked to create this theme before - I mean he is the King of POP...the one and only Michael Jackson! The little birthday boy on this one was so cute in his Michael Jackson party outfit that matched almost perfectly the party favors I had picked out. Black fedora, aviator sunglasses, a glitter microphone and of course a glitter glove - but only one. Off the Wall was pumping through the stereo and it was yet another COOP party that was OFF the charts..

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The fabulous COOP was just featured in this weeks US WEEKLY -- which described us as "The HOT TOT PARTY SPOT"! It was so exciting. When they called Lucinda and told her they were going to do a piece on us -- they asked us to send along some cool shots of the COOP -- with no kids in them! We quickly realized we don't actually have many of those! US WEEKLY was able to use some pics they had on file from some celeb parties that have been here -- but it got Lucy and me thinking that we should probably have some good shots taken of our fab little place. My son Finn's BDay was fast approaching -- so I booked our fantastic photog Greg Fiore to shoot the party -- and we had him shoot some pre party shots before everyone arrived. He got some really cool shots -- a few of which we wanted to share with you here. Pretty fab, right?