Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The fabulous COOP was just featured in this weeks US WEEKLY -- which described us as "The HOT TOT PARTY SPOT"! It was so exciting. When they called Lucinda and told her they were going to do a piece on us -- they asked us to send along some cool shots of the COOP -- with no kids in them! We quickly realized we don't actually have many of those! US WEEKLY was able to use some pics they had on file from some celeb parties that have been here -- but it got Lucy and me thinking that we should probably have some good shots taken of our fab little place. My son Finn's BDay was fast approaching -- so I booked our fantastic photog Greg Fiore to shoot the party -- and we had him shoot some pre party shots before everyone arrived. He got some really cool shots -- a few of which we wanted to share with you here. Pretty fab, right?

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