Sunday, June 30, 2013


This party was soooooo fun!!!!!  EVERYONE -- adults and kids alike ADORED the fun and frivolity of sticky mustaches, fedoras, boas and photo booth props!  It was just a blast.  I hand painted the chevron stripe runners which turned out great for this graphic bold party look.  I also made the centerpieces out of Elephant and Zebra masks from Michael's that I jazzed up with mustaches and hand made chevron hats to match the theme (I love how the zebra's ear is peeking out of his cockeyed hat!!) It was such a fun afternoon with such a fun group of people -- hope you enjoy the pics!!!

UNICORN PARTY -- COOP Party at Home!

This is a beautiful COOP Party at Home we just did for one of our fabulous COOP customers -- who, after doing her last 2 parties at the COOP -- opted to have us bring the COOP to her home for her daughters party this year.  We did a beautiful Unicorn Party in her beautiful backyard (check out that amazing view!!!) and they were absolutely THRILLED with how it turned out!  Hand made maribou maned Unicorns... absolutely!  Gorgeous cake and cupcakes from Julie at Blue Cupcake,... you bet!!!  Beautiful peonies scattered about -- you know it!!!  WE even hand made a unicorn horn for the GORGEOUS stone bench they have outside their front door!  It was simply spectacular....


Another one of our COOP customers was taking 20 of her little guy's closest friends to see MONSTERS U for his birthday this weekend... and she wanted us to provide goodie bags to hand out at the end of the movie.  So a MONSTERS U COOP CRATE was made!! -- just goodie bags for this one.  LOVE the Mike eyeball on the boy bags!  Boys goodies were Mike themed... they all got a MONSTERS U Mike hat, bracelet, green cape, inflatable monster, gooey monster slime and a hand made Monsters University ID badge.  The girls bags were Sully themed... they all got turquoise tutus with purple boas (like Sully's spots), a Sully paper cone hat, and the same inflatable monsters, and slime as the boys.  Girls got Sully Monsters U ID badges on lanyards.  So so cute.  Love how bold and graphic the bags looked!  Tres COOP-e!!!

Bowling Party COOP CRATE

We just did this COOP CRATE for a local COOP mom who was doing a party at our local Bowling alley.  She wanted to bring a little CHIC COOP STYLE to the joint -- so she asked us to do a Custom COOP Crate for her.  We love how it turned out!  We are especially proud of thecustom banner we hand made!  It turned out so so cute!