Sunday, June 30, 2013


Another one of our COOP customers was taking 20 of her little guy's closest friends to see MONSTERS U for his birthday this weekend... and she wanted us to provide goodie bags to hand out at the end of the movie.  So a MONSTERS U COOP CRATE was made!! -- just goodie bags for this one.  LOVE the Mike eyeball on the boy bags!  Boys goodies were Mike themed... they all got a MONSTERS U Mike hat, bracelet, green cape, inflatable monster, gooey monster slime and a hand made Monsters University ID badge.  The girls bags were Sully themed... they all got turquoise tutus with purple boas (like Sully's spots), a Sully paper cone hat, and the same inflatable monsters, and slime as the boys.  Girls got Sully Monsters U ID badges on lanyards.  So so cute.  Love how bold and graphic the bags looked!  Tres COOP-e!!!

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