Monday, June 11, 2012


We had the sweetest little girl this weekend who is in love with the How to Train Your Dragon Movie -- so she wanted DRAGON party. At first she just wanted a blue Dragon Party --- then she came to "girlie" it up buy settling on a Rainbow Dragon theme. It was a really sweet, spectacular party. Mom was so so lovely -- and just over the moon with all we did to make her little girls's day special and beautiful -- and incorporate Dragons to boot! We discussed doing Rainbow Tutus for the girls like we do for a regular Rainbow party -- but mom thought that the wings were more dragon-ie.... so we went with those (birthday girl got both, of course!!). The boys got capes in different colors and these adorable Rainbow Derby hats -- which we were originally going to do for everyone, but the birthday girl really wanted a blue crown -- so we substituted crowns for the girls. Plus... everyone got a very cute stuffed dragon of their own to take home and train! The fabulous Julie from Blue Cupcakes ( did the desserts -- which looked so gorgeous on the rainbow runners amidst the flowers we did for the party. I thought it really turned out beautifully -- and mom was so thrilled she wants us to come and do a theme party for her at home for Halloween! We are just starting to do mobile COOP (at your home) parties -- so we will be able to give her something truly spectacular for her at home bash come October!

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