Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I know we have a plethora of super fabulous Superhero party pics from Lucinda's previous post.... but I just HAD to share a few more of my favs from one I did recently.  The amazing and gorgeous Charlize Theron chose the COOP to host her little boy Jackson's first birthday.   We did it on a Tuesday - which was his actual birthday - making it all the more special and we were really thrilled to pull out all the stops fo rthis special little guy and his wonderful mom.   I made a super amazing birthday banner JUST for Jackson out of dotted wrapping paper (cut into triangles as the flags) and comic books (the letters) -- it turned out so so great!  I really love it and have used it many times since!!! Charlize was so so lovely -- and I can honestly say she was one of the warmest, happiest mommies I have ever seen. She was just THRILLED with the party, and the COOP, and the special day we helped make just for her little guy. The COOP was filled  that day with lots of wonderful friends and family who all had a BLAST celebrating Jackson's big day -- superhero style!!!

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