Wednesday, April 3, 2013

TICKLE TIME with Anne Heche

We did a great event a while back for Anne Heche.  She has a wonderful new sunscreen product called TICKLE TIME -- and we hosted the launch at the COOP.  It was a beautiful day and everyone had a BLASDT!  Since it wasn't a birthday party -- we just went with a cool modern graphic look.  Her brand color is turquoise, so we incorporated a lot of that -- and added splashes of orange and yellow in keeping with the COOP colors -- to give the whole party a really cohesive look.  I made more paper flowers for the event (I have kind of been obsessed with them since I made a boatload last year for my school fundraiser) -- which are beautiful and since they are COOP color -- we have been able to use them over and over in the space!  I love the rubber bouncie balls in the Lollipop crates instead of the paper shred we usually use... so bright and colorful and fun.   Julie at Blue cupcakes did the cupcake tower, natch.    She never fails to impress me... love the simple colorful graphic shapes as cupcake toppers.   I just love love loved how the whole party came together - so wanted to share a few shots with you.  The sunscreen is also pretty cool if you are in the market... it's mineral based powder.   Check it out here

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