Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hi guys... took some pics of a COOP CRATE we sent of to Washington state yesterday and wanted to share.  We really want people to be able to SEE what is in the COOP CRATE so we will be trying to photograph them as we send them (provided we have enough time!!!  busy busy bees here at the COOP)  Anyway -- here is the first one we photographed.  The COOP CRATE comes in 3 different options --

The BASIC CRATE is decorated goodie bags and the party favors for inside the bags (for the ROBOT one above -- all the kids got a Robot Arm hand grabber, a hand of laser fingers, cool robo-sunnies and a squishy robot)....

The CLASSIC COOP CRATE includes the goodie bags, party favors, balloons, a Birthday Banner and vintage striped straws, and...

The CUSTOM COOP CRATE (that's what this one I have photographed is) includes the decorated goodie bags and party favors, balloons, birthday banner, vintage paper straws, decorative tissue balls, a BIG birthday balloon, plates (lunch and cake sized), napkins (lunch and cake/beverage sized), 2 decorated lollipop crates to display the decorated lollipops which are also included!  In all options, you tell us the theme and we do the rest!!!  Check out our website to order yours today!

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