Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Lucinda & I have been researching the best way to package the COOP CRATE since we made our deal with Barbara and decided to really push this aspect of our business. Obviously an actual crate would be too bulky to store and too costly to purchase (even in bulk).  So we checked box options (all of them!). Turns out they are quite expensive and we also felt they would be difficult to store in bulk.  We were racking our brains trying to figure out a cool package when – LIGHTENING BOLT!   I had a flash of the ubiquitous IKEA bag.  I am not sure if it is quite the same where you are... but here in LA... the big blue IKEA bag is EVERYWHERE!  You buy them to put your goodies in at the Ikea register.... and then you use it over and over and over in your everyday life!  Seriously -- that Ikea bag is used as a beach bag, a grocery bag, a sports bag, a "park" bag... you name it and people (moms especially) in LA are reusing that Ikea bag in every situation imaginable. So we thought... let's do a cooler COOP version of the Ikea bag!  Our own spin in a fabulous COOP glossy Orange color -- with a yellow zippered top!  Which is even better than the Ikea bag... no spills!  And for the COOP CRATE -- it is great because it's a bit more forgiving than a box.  We can stuff more stuff in it!  What do you think?   Really big, really fabulous.  And super re-useable.  After having your fabulous COOP CRATE party at home – you can use your COOP CRATE bag at the grocery store, beach and soccer game… Just another way the COOP chicks are looking out for their cool COOP mammas!!!  Book your COOP CRATE party today and get the fabulousness of a COOP party, delieverd to your front door!!!

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