Monday, December 3, 2012


Well everyone... the day is upon us... the COOP CHICKS are going to appear on SHARK TANK!!!! Tuesday December 4th, on ABC at 8 p.m.!!! It's been a loooooong road to this moment -- but we are so so so excited for everyone to see our episode! It's so surreal that we will actually be on the show. I remember about 9 months into the COOP, I kept saying to Lucinda "We should go on Shark Tank!" I am not afraid to admit I am a reality TV fan. I have watched or am watching just about every reality TV show out there. For me, it started with the Real World and Making the Band... and it has continued through every city's version of the Real Housewives and Project Runway. I love love love reality TV!!! I really thought that Lucinda and I and the COOP would do GREAT on Shark Tank. Of course I am thankful now that we didn't do it way back then... glad we waited a bit to really hone our concept and prove our viability (those sharks are pretty ruthless after all!). But when we saw that Shark Tank was holding open casting at the Beverly Garland hotel -- literally around the corner from the COOP -- we knew the time had come!! The universe had spoken to us -- it was time to take the COOP to the sharks! Lucinda and I agreed and we set out on one of the biggest adventures of our lives. We waited in line for almost 12 hours, we recorded a casting tape at the COOP, we worked with producers once we were semi finalists, and we sweated it out pitching our concept to the Sharks face to face in the tank (while I was 9 month pregnant, by the way!) The process has been long and grueling... difficult, exciting, nerve racking. It's been an absolute whirlwind. Neither of us can really even remember the details of what happened when we were in there pitching the sharks... it's all just a fog. It will really be sort of a surprise to see it all unfold on TV -- almost as if we are experiencing it for the first time! However it turns out in the Tank.... Lucinda and I are so proud of ourselves, our COOP and our concept. We know our future is full of possibilities-- with or without a shark! We hope you will all watch and support us as we dive in... no regrets, no hesitation....


  1. Saw you ladies on Shark Tank! You are awesome. Much success to you!

  2. Ladies, the both of you were FANTASTIC! I was so inspired by the by you that I shared it on my Facebook page. YES the COOP Rocks! May success continue rain down on the both of YOU!

  3. Obviously, I was so excited that my previous post was totally off. LOL! Enjoy your Journey of Greatness Ladies!