Monday, December 3, 2012


Hi everyone!!!  We are so so so excited to announce the COOP CRATE!  Lucinda and I have been trying very hard to figure out ways to get our COOP concept out to the masses... our COOP 2 GO parties was the first step in that direction.  With the new COOP 2 GO PARTY option, you can have the fabulous COOP Chicks design a soiree for your at home celebration!  the COOP 2 GO PARTY (details and pricing is avail on our website!) is a great way to get the cool of the COOP -- in your own home.  We have done a few of them so far and they have been amazingly gorgeous and super successful.  The COOP 2 GO PARTY is wonderful... but we also wanted to reach out further.  Further than LA, even.  We have always always said that we wanted to make our parties available to people in LA doing parties at home, but also -- people all across the nation! and the COOP CRATE is the first step in fulfilling that dream!  You can now -- no matter where you live -- order COOP Party elements (goodie bags, decor etc) right to your door!  Details and Pricing is available on our website.  I did my first COOP CRATE this weekend, before we even officially launched the concept.  Check out the pic above!   I had to scramble a bit in packing it up -- but I think it looked pretty cool... and the mom was so excited to just swing by and have her goodie bags all done for her at home party!  We are so so excited at this new chapter in the story of the COOP.... Stay tuned to see the super cool packaging we designed for this new element of our COOP.... I think they arrive tomorrow!!!

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