Monday, December 3, 2012

Hot pink polka DUCK!

 I really had such a wonderful time coordinating with the mother of Mia for this super cute party. Mia was turning one so mom of course wanted to make everything super special. Mia loves pink and polka dots and ducks thus the theme - HOT PINK POLKA DUCK - so FUN! I wanted everything to be perfectly polka dot so I went  down town to find the perfect polka dot fabric for the table clothes and I special ordered polka dot straws, and polka dot lanterns as well as the cutest hot pink polka dot hair bows. All the little ducklings went home with hot pink tutus, hair bows and of course a duck. Julie of Blue Cupcakes made the most incredible cupcakes and duck cake, Greg Fiore snapped the great shots and as I wasn't able to make the party my extraordinarily talented business partner came in to put all the elements together and of course topped it all off with her fabulous floral arrangements. It was a truly happy first birthday and all our little ducklings clucked all the way home.

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