Monday, December 3, 2012


I love when people come to us with an idea -- but don't really have an idea how to make that idea a PARTY! Thats where we come in! Michael and Bridget came to me and wanted to throw a super fabulous bah for their gorgeous little girl. They wanted it to be girlie -- but their daughter loved animals. They had seen the party I did for Ashlee Simpson last year -- and loved the giant animal paintings -- but were worried if they went with a Jungle party... it would be too "boyish". Mom kept saying her daughter loved animals and the zoo -- but she was also super girlie. She loved to dress up and wear her jewelry... and then it hit me.... JEWELRY JUNGLE!!!!! A super girlie Jungle party with loads of girlie elements -- as if we caught all the animals playing dress up in the jungle!!! Mom and dad loved the concept and let me run with it. We chose pink and turquoise as the base colors -- which was great because I happen to own two elephant teapots in those colors that I used as vessels for the beautiful flowers ( I might have actually have driven the color palate in that direction BECAUSE of those wonderful little teapots!). I also happen to be slightly elephant obsessed -- and jewelry obsessed too! -- so I was able to bring some of my own necklace wearing burlap elephants marching down to decorate the outdoor table. I draped all kinds of necklaces over the pink lemonade container -- and the actual straws on the cups were festooned with candy necklaces. So cute! I am so in love how it all turned out. I love love love to create parties that are more unusual in theme. I mean I love a princess party or a superhero party.... but I really love love a Jewelry Jungle or a Dolphin, Donut, Disco party!! A theme that you've never seen or heard before!!! So so fun. Mom and Dad loved it sooooo that they booked one of our very first COOP 2 GO parties for their son Jett!!!

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