Monday, December 3, 2012


My poor little Grant. I never let that child choose his own party theme! Well -- actually now that I just had a baby girl -- I may relinquish his parties to him... and next year he can have GI Joe or Minecraft or some other theme that doesn't inspire me! But for this last birthday of his... I was only pregnant with my little girl -- and hadn't gotten my fill of flowers and frillie things just yet... so he had to deal with yet another beautiful boy party! I forgot just how beautiful this party was -- until recently. We had someone come in and help us with some PR and she zeroed right in on an image from this party. She loved it -- and it reminded me that I never ever blogged about this one! For shame!! I had made these gorgeous oversized paper flowers for my kids school fundraiser and really wanted to use them again (they are currently in my daughters bedroom... I STILL adore them!). I didn't know quite how I could use them as the centerpiece for a boy party -- till it hit me. He's an April baby -- April Showers,...bring May flowers!! So I ran with a flowers and raindrops theme. I hand made felt clouds that "rained" blue and silver paper raindrops, and put those gorgeous paper flowers in a large ceramic umbrella holder in the shape of rain boots ( I thought that was pretty clever!) But the piece de resistance... was the entryway. I had a trail of white umbrella from the front gate leading to the front door. They were dripping with paper rain and floating in the air... leading you into the flowers inside!!! I love love loved how it looked. The bowler hats with the flowers growing out the top were also a big reason I went with this theme. I have been wanting to incorporate them into a party for years -- I just think they are so adorable. So there you have it -- Grant's final girlie party! I can only imagine what I will do for my daughter when her first bday comes along.... Stay tuned!!!

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