Monday, December 3, 2012


Life has a wonderful way of giving you what you are looking for at exactly the right time. Juliet and I have been working our hearts out at the COOP over the past four years pouring everything we have into each and every party and because of that we have been blessed to book up our parties months in advance. It was from one of these parties that a friend of a COOP client had seen pictures of, an Elmo party  (goldfish party favors and all) that we got our first opportunity to create a COOP Party at some ones home. The friend had just LOVED what we had done for our clients Elmo Party but the dilemma was we had no times available for the weekend she wanted so she innocently asked "Would it be possible for you to bring all of your wonderful creativity and passion for parties into my home?" WOW - the question that changed it all - ABSOLUTELY we said and we set to work. Juliet and I really believe in all the little details and every portion of this party was perfect. From the pink Minnie balloons surrounding the fence to the incredible favor table with all kinds of delicious treats. Most of everything we do is custom and that is what gives our parties such a lovely special feel. The setting of this party was incredible and so we made it fun with lots of pink and balloons and flowers. We bought in the wonderful TWINKLE TIME and of course Minnie Mouse. Juliet and I where so thrilled with how it turned out (we even had some of the super chic guests expressing they had never seen a kids party like it!) That we thought "wouldn't it be great if everyone could have a COOP party at home no matter where they lived? So we created the COOP CRATE idea where we ship all the things you need to have a SUPER COOP PARTY right to your door - or you can pick it up in Los Angeles. Check out all the PARTY 2 GO and COOP CRATE details on our site and get your COOP PARTY ON!!

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