Monday, December 3, 2012


It is always a challenge for me when my two sons Dash (9) and Abe (6) have a birthday as their birthdays fall within 5 days of each other, meaning that I need to come up with a theme that they both agree on. This year to avoid the Star-wars versus Harry Potter dilemma I decided to do an Australian theme which is close to my heart as I grew up in Perth West Australia. Once both boys agreed that this was a pretty cool idea I went full steam ahead. As I wasn't particularly fond of the Australian colors of green and gold I decided to go with the colors of the Aussie flag RED, WHITE and BLUE and once I made that choice everything fell into place. I went nuts on this party I envisioned a really cool table with lots of treats and had the uber talented Julie of Blue Cupcakes come in to assist me in creating the magic. I told Julie I wanted red, white and blue parfaits in little jars and blue and red macaroons. I let her use her own creative genius on the cakes and I went to work on the little milk jars, spray painting the white bases finding the perfect ribbon and perfect straws. I used Australian Vegemite jars as vases, ordered Aussie flags to hang and Aussie party hats. I knew my lollipop crate needed some red so I popped in some Aussie licorice to give it that pop and it worked brilliantly. I spent night after night cutting, pasting and gluing and I loved every minute of it. Juliet told me that I had to make shark jello's and at the very last minute I went for it and they were one of my favorite bits. We had tacos and fosters and a kangaroo margarita station and it was quite possibly the best AUSSIE bash ever.. One of my absolute favorite blogs the Hostess with the Mostess featured the party so if you want more Aussie pics check it out!

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