Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BLUE CUPCAKES baby girl!!!!

Wow! All I can say is wow! The incomparable Julie from Blue Cupcakes did a party for her daughter at the COOP this past weekend and, as you can imagine... it was SPECTACULAR!!! I mean -- truly BEYOND! Beyond anything I could have imagined in my little pea brain. It was just gorgeous. Simple, beautiful -- and YUMMY to the extreme! I have posted some pics here.... but ALSO -- this party is featured on Amy Atlas' blog. Which is also super coop-er amazing. Amy is an amazing party dessert bar guru... has been on Martha Stewart and done all sorts of fab parties mostly in NYC, I believe. I love looking at her stuff for inspiration -- she is amazing. And she CLEARLY has great taste -- as she is featuring Julie's party on her blog! Go check it out for some really fabulous pics (not taken by ME -- so they are really great!)
It was amazing -- and looks amazing -- and I am constantly in awe at Julie's creativity and more importantly -- her joie de vivre!!! We love her!

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