Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have always loved the story of Max and The Wild Things, with its' ability to transport me into a far-away place, so when the opportunity came to put together a Wild Things Party, I was thrilled and not a little obsessed! I wanted it to be simple and whimsical, but with pops of color. As most of the accent colors at the COOP are either yellow or orange, I thought yellow and brown would be the perfect compliment. I hand-made all of the yellow tissue balls, and painted the block letters to spell out the birthday boy's name. I printed expressions used in the book, and chose exactly the right ones with help from my son Dashiell. I wanted to keep the main table simple with just the GOLD CROWNS and cake. I couldn't believe the expression in Max's eye on the cupcake - AMAZING! The party favors were so cute - everyone received a Wild Things mask and wand, and the boys got a tail and ears and the girls a yellow tutu. I LOVED every small detail ( my mom always said, "God is in the details" ). It really was a divine party that had adults and kids alike screaming "Let the Wild Rumpus Begin"!

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