Tuesday, July 28, 2015


This Party ended up looking SO Fabulous -- I just had to share!!  I am so so in love with the main table... I just love it!  I hand painted a watercolor table runner for this one and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  I am not actually much of a watercolor artist -- so I was pleased that it turned out as I imagined it (believe me -- that is not always the case with my creative projects!!) I am all about a show stopping centerpiece at the COOP - and I think this is one of my favorites ever.  I had made this ribbon garland for the Magicland party last year and have always LOVED the bold bright colors -- so I decided to repurpose it into a rainbow.  Always flying by the seat of my pants -- I initially thought I'd use dowels to hold it up -- but the top was too heavy and it wouldn't hold an arch... so I decided I'd attach it to a hula hoop.  When I was at the 99 cent store to get the hula hoop -- my eye landed on a POOL NOODLE and I KNEW that was the best option.  I zip tied that gorgeous ribbon garland up an down the pool noodle and then stuck dowels into the end holes and "planted" the dowels in white vases.  I can't believe how much I love how it looked!!  I am also super crazy about the rainbow unicorn vases -- in front of the beautiful cupcakes by Blue Cupcake.  I found these cheap sort of ugly putty colored horse head vases and spray painted them glossy white.  I made unicorn horns out of a beautiful gold paper and glued them to the horse heads, added a beautiful array of colorful flowers for the mane and voila!!  2 Rainbow Unicorns were born!!  I used pillow fill for the clouds, made a variety of rainbow unicorn images for each place setting (and the front of the goodie bags as well)  and the table was done!  So so beautiful.  I used the ribbon backdrop I made for magicl
and party as well on the back wall... and then simply glittered the small wooden letters gold for a simple pretty birthday banner.  This was a magical magical party and I hope you enjoy the photos!!!

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