Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Absolutely Stunning Blue Cupcakes

When I recommend Julie at Blue Cupcakes to people -- I always say "She's French.... and as gorgeous as her cupcakes LOOK --- they TASTE even better!" It's hard to believe -- especially when you look at how gorgeous they are -- but it is absolutely true. I am a lover of treats and sweets -- too much of a connoisseur to maintain the girlish figure of my youth, unfortunately! I looooove cake and cupcakes -- and I have tried and tasted too many to count. And Julie's are truly spectacular. Her treats are the kind it hurts a little to share! She is amazing and lovely and talented -- I can't say enough wonderful things about her. And she doesn't just do cupcakes -- she does cake balls, cookies, macaroons -- the whole nine yards. The gorgeous pic that is the header of this blog -- all her stuff! Above are just a few pics of things she has done here at the COOP -- go check out her blog to see much more (www.bluecupcake.com). We love her.... even if my waistline suffers because of her buttery fantastic French ways...

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