Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just did a cute Dinosaur Party last week. Lucinda's friend had a party the night before at the COOP and left the gorgeous flowers -- which added SO much to the table. They were the perfect color scheme -- and were just the right size for our Dino centerpieces to "graze" on. Lucky lucky. I also made a new runner for this Dino party -- in the past we have sort of struggled with which runner to use -- then it hit me! Make a Dino footprint runner. I actually just used the back of our laminated "road" runner -- and stuck these dino footprint stickers on them. I think it turned out really cool. And I LOVE the masks on the outside of the bags! I thought I was being so original -- and figuring a cool way to "theme-ize" the bags -- without buying the cheesy plastic dinosaur treat bags.... then Lucy told me that she had done a dino party the week before and done the exact same thing! I guess that just proves that great minds think alike! Especially here at the COOP....

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