Tuesday, February 1, 2011


TOP SECRET INFO..... the COOP is the BEST place in LA to host a birthday bash!!!! Actually -- and luckily for us -- that secret seems to be OUT! This was a Spy Party we did this weekend. Our BDay boy was a bit older -- which sometimes makes it harder to really "pretty" it up. The color palate was mostly brown (runners and Briefcase goody bags) and Black (fedoras, magnifying glasses, and spy sunglasses)-- but we managed to liven the look up a bit with some purple and green -- and even a little yellow. The flowers that we added really made the table look special, I think. The colors were really deep rich jewel tones -- so it didn't seem too girlie! I made the TOP SECRET signs out of black poster board and Yellow paper cut out letters and laid them out across the brown laminated runners (again -- these are actually the BACK of a star print table runner... but we just wanted plain brown so we flipped 'em and voila!) The kids were so excited about the hat and glasses (the goodie bag also had laser finger lights and magnifying glasses and a few other spy necessities!) -- and the WAX MUSTACHES!!! They were soooooooo cute. Hilarious -- and equally adorable on the boys and the girls! Really fun party... hope you like the pics.

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