Wednesday, May 28, 2014


How gorgeous is all this PINK for ROCKSTAR! I was so happy with the way that this little Pink Rockstar turned out that I contemplated painting my kids room PINK! He didn't go for it - but he did allow a metallic vase with glitter microphones as decor on his desk!
I really went a bit nuts with the details for this one. I found a super fabulous hot pink petal material down town that I used as the main tablecloth and went from there. I created little poptini's with the signature COOP gummi cherry as garnish as well as Rockstar cookies leaning against little bottles of PINK milk to put on the main table along with the regular COOP lollipop display boxes. The amazing Julie of Blue Cupcakes took care of the cupcakes with the most adorable glitter microphones and guitars on top.
Outside the pink fest continued with stars and glitter and microphones being used to tie it all together.
It really did ROCK the world of our little birthday girl Charlotte as well as all the party guests who danced along to the COOL COOP rock soundtrack!

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