Tuesday, November 16, 2010

DISCO for 12 year olds!!

Every once in a while, people ask us when a kid is too old to party at the COOP. We stand by that you are NEVER too old to play and party at our fabulous space! We have done 50 year old parties, 30 year old parties, cocktail parties, 16 year old parties, 13 year old parties -- and on and on down the line to baby showers (I guess that would be considered a 0 year old party!!) While we may not be the first place you think of when you are thinking of an older child -- it's a great choice for the tween set. Our space is really special at night (the lighting is amazing!)... and we don't think anyone is too old for a bounce or a dive into the ball pit! This is a good example of an "older"party we did recently. We did this lovely chic Disco party for a gorgeous little 12 year old and all her fabulously fun -- super high energy -- friends! The birthday girl LOVES purple (had a purple dress for the occasion, in fact!) , so we used that as our jumping off point. Everyone got purple boas, silver wigs and "elvis- style" silver glasses with purple lenses. I actually spied one of the boys wearing his shades at school the following Monday... that's a sign of a good party favor!! The birthday girl is NOT very into pink -- so I didn't use the bright multicolored "disco" table runners -- and instead went for a simple chic burlap table covering. Also on the table are the gorgeous flowers I did for the occasion, and a couple of vases filled with mini mirrored silver and purple disco balls, and 2 small vases filled with flashing light rings (that the kids also got to wear and take home!) it was such fun -- all the kids really had a blast (and my shy little 3rd grader actually got to hang with the cool 6th graders for a bit before I left the party in our fabulous COOP staff's hands!) Win/ win all around!!!

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