Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HELLO KITTY -part deux

I couldn't resist posting pics of this one. It's not one of our theme parties -- so we didn't do any decorations or gift bags for this one. I basically am posting just to show how amazing -- once again -- the fabulous Julie from Blue Cupcake is at making super gorgeous cakes and cupcakes. She did this Hello Kitty tower for our client and we think it just turned out beautifully! So gorgeous -- very chic... and the BEST thing about blue cupcake is that - no matter how gorgeous presentation, everything she makes actually tastes BETTER than it looks. No small feat for such gorgeous looking goodies! I also love how our gorgeous purple arrangements compliment the table so nicely for this party.... How lucky was Maggie's mommy to find THAT gorgeous surprise when she waltzed into the COOP!!

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