Monday, November 1, 2010


We have had not one, but TWO Thomas the Train parties over the past two weeks -- so I think we better post some pics! It is clearly a hot theme right now! We used our fabulous red and white striped tablecloths which add a nice shot of color AND are reminiscent of railroad tracks... which is a cool bonus! As with most of our "branded" parties ... we kept the really branded items minimal (balloons, plates, napkins) -- and went for a cool train engineer inspired gift.... Engineer cap, wooden train whistle, red bandanna and a Thomas the Train sippy cup. The gift is great because it is gender neutral -- which is easier and also lends itself to a more cohesive overall look to the party. Thomas is loved by boys and girls alike -- so much so, in fact, that one of our Thomas parties was for a birthday boy, and the other was for a birthday girl!

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