Sunday, May 29, 2011


We are so excited about this new additional available at our COOP Parties! I got these GIANT balloons for my son Finn's party back in February and Lucinda and I just LOVED how they looked in the space/ at the party. For his I had done big white balloons with some ribbons and hand made material scraps tied at the bottom to dress them up a bit. Since then -- we have been experimenting with the balloons and trying different ribbons and ways to jazz them up. We did a beautiful display of them --- red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple... along our back table for our Wizard of Oz party (the rainbow, get it?) tied with beautiful rainbow ombre ribbons and attached with fishing wire --- so they looked like they were just floating above the table. Gorgeous. We loved. Anyway -- we have further jazzzed them up with the addition of paper tissue balls and loads of ribbons and garland and are now offering them for purchase for $25. We can even do clear ones filled with glitter! It's a GREAT addition to your party --- and we usually tie it to the birthday chair for a real impact. We obviously will customize colors, ribbons etc to your party theme or birthday child's wishes (favorite colors). Kids ADORE them -- and it's yet another way us ladies at the COOP can be creative! And you KNOW we love those opportunities!!!

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