Sunday, May 29, 2011


Did a cute Toy Story 3 party yesterday for the loveliest family -- and the birthday boy was named COOPER! Cooper celebrating at the COOP... love it! We have done a Toy Story/ emphasis on Jessie party in the past -- and that one we went a little more out of the box with the gifts -- Cowboy Hats, Bandannas, stuffed horsies.... but this one was a straight up Toy Story Party. So we did the branded gift bags and filled then with goodies that covered the whole crew! A Bandana (a la Woody and Jessie), Sheriff's badge (Woody), Buzz Lightyear glider, 3 Army Men (like the guys in the movies -- I just LOVE how brilliant the Pixar people are in their making those guys walk with their legs stuck together by that piece of plastic at the bottom of their feet! Genius!), a ring (a variety of characters) and a nice quality sippy cup with an image of the whole gang. Woody was placed by the door to greet the guests, and mom and dad brought a super fantastic cake from Hansen's that really brought the theme home! It was a great party and I think COOPER had a blast at his COOP Party!

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