Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Check it out!!!! Lucinda and I have created what we think is the most fabulous, out of the box, super COOP-ie ceiling sculpture in our front room above the table. No more run of the mill balls for us! We wanted something ultra cool and modern -- and thought doing something with chicken wire (get it!?) would be incredible. We suspended the chicken wire which we shaped into a sort of undulating wave above the table -- then we used some paper we had left over from some COOP flyers (upcycling!!) and simply rolled them and slid them into holes in the wire. Originally I was thinking of filling all the holes -- but Lucinda had the brilliant idea to leave some unfilled -- which gives it a nice airy feeling. Plus then you can see the chicken wire -- which makes it not just a spectacular sculpture ... but a very COOP like spectacular sculpture! We love it -- hope you do too!

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