Monday, April 23, 2012


Sometimes it's the moms of boys who are the most appreciative of what we do here at the COOP. I think moms of girls are around fabulousness all the time... so sometimes they are not as shocked by a gorgeous party... but us "boy moms" that are stuck with GI Joe, and spiderman, and sports parties -- seem much more impressed when we are able to take a "boy" theme and make it look great! I can say all this because I am a mom of boys and have struggled with the "how do I make a football party look chic?" question myself! This party mom absolutely fell into the category of super impressed "boy mom". She was THRILLED with the party. She was so sweet -- could NOT STOP gushing about how fabulous it was and couldn't believe all she did was tell us "he wants a Ninja party"... and we were able to come up with this. We even added some flowers to make it special -- but not girlie at all!!!! This is the second Ninja party we have done -- and I think they look great. The last one wanted green accents so we did green runners -- but this one I stuck with traditional silver, black and red Ninja colors for the tables and decor -- and hung giant stars above the table (a la Ninja throwing stars!) All the boys and girls got inflatable Ninjas (we also used a couple of them as a centerpiece), a hooded black cape (super Ninja-ie!) and an inflatable ninja sword. Sometimes people are worried that girls won't be excited for a "boy" gift.... but believe me -- they LOVED it! Boys and girls alike love an opportunity to dress up and pretend to be someone else! Especially someone as super cool as a ninja! I also love love love the stickers we used for the goody bags. They are a simple modern interpretation on a ninja... just like the COOP is a cool modern interpretation of a playspace!

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