Monday, April 23, 2012


My goodness... this party was soooo long ago! And soooo fabulous! I can't believe I haven't posted it yet. It was actually the inspiration for Ashlee Simpson's Bronx Zoo Party -- I had done this shortly before I met with her and thought it would be a great theme for her -- if we just boy-ed it up -- and made it more traditional safari / zoo-ish! This one was NOT very traditional. This one was for my sweet little Grace... my friend Jen's little girl. She's the one who had the Dolphin, Donut, Disco party last year. Grace has lots of ideas and opinions -- and I just LOVE taking her ideas and turning them into a gorgeous party! When I talked to her -- she told me that her favorite colors were blue and red and she wanted them to be the colors of her party. Her mom was pretty horrified by this color combo (I think most people immediately think Spiderman when they hear those two colors together) but I wanted to give her JUST what she wanted. I ADORE Turquoise and red together -- I think its such a fresh color combo -- so we used that as our palette for the party. I wanted to make it non traditional -- partly because of the fab color combo --- so I went with that idea and went for a very MOD Jungle Safari look. Turquoise, Red and White... stark white super modern vases filled with bright red blooms and bright white ceramic animal sculptures on the table (Oh how I miss that lucky Elephant... he lived on my mantle until my hubby whacked him with the Christmas tree and he shattered into a million pieces!) I spent at least 2 weeks painting the giant Elephant, Giraffe and Lion banners... but they were worth it. I think they turned out amazing. And we have used them over and over at the COOP -- which always makes the hard work worthwhile! They made such an impact in the space -- and I think the colors are so fun! Giant Balloons are Lucinda and my favorite modern party decoration -- so we used red ones for this party. The original idea was to have the wooden monkey cut outs hold the balloons -- but that did't work out... so we just had them monkey-ing around in the bamboo plants outside! I also had silhouettes of animals framed in white and also on the jelly jar cups on the main table -- where Julie from Blue Cupcake did another one of her amazing cake/ cupcake towers All the kids got to take home animal ear and tail sets, an animal puppet and stuffed animal in their goody bag. AND -- there was a real live animal show outside the front lobby. This was a spectacular party -- for a pretty spectacular little lady! Hope you are inspired by the pics!

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