Monday, April 23, 2012


Another one I should have posted ages ago! This was a COOP and CABOODLE party we did for a couple of gorgeous little girls (twins!) in February. It looked so wonderful -- and the girls LOVED it! Pink, Red, hearts, candies, cookies, fresh flowers -- it had all the makings for a fabulous celebration! With the WHOLE COOP and CABOODLE package we include flowers -- so I did 2 very large -- super gorgeous pink and red arrangements and used them as the main focus for the main table in the lobby. We had heart shaped balloons on the goody bags, high chairs for the guests of honor festooned with feathers, matching heart shaped birthday cakes for the girls.... and Giant birthday Balloons inside and out adding to the festive feel! I used my hand dip dyed pink ombre table cloths -- which I adore, inside and out. Super fun and festive. The kids all got Little teddy bears with hears on them, red mylar wigs, and heart shaped head boppers (very cute on!) -- and tutus for the girls and red capes for the boys. It really was a spectacular party... and mom was thrilled with how it all came together.

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