Monday, June 27, 2011


Guess which party this birthday boy used as his inspiration! Yep -- he was a guest at sweet Gracie's Dolphin, Donut, Disco party last year! His mom and I suspect that he really wanted a Dinosaur party -- but also REEEAAAAAALY wanted the donuts looped on straws in milk from Grace's party. So we gave it to him! The party was light on the disco element -- I just added disco balls in the very cool raised succulent centerpiece I made for the event. (I love how it looks like the dino's are grazing at a trough!) And of course there is always our big disco ball in the playspace! I added some more blue and green elements than we usually use (the tablecloths on the back table) and I think it turned out nicely. Two BIG birthday balloons -- which are quite popular party additions here at the COOP -- and the rows of goodie bags with the masks wrapped around them really drove the Dino theme home in the front room. I also hung 3 D Dinos from the ceiling around our fab COOP sculpture, and added a GREAT party addition with stuff your own dinosaurs (a la Build a bear - but more affordable! The kids loved them! Another big hit was -- of course and as expected -- the dino cups of milk with vintage striped straws and a Krispy Kreme Donut looped on it! BIG hit! NO surprise there. I think this party looked beautiful -- a modern cool dino party suitable for all ages!

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