Monday, June 13, 2011


We did an adorable first birthday party this weekend that had a "bathtime" theme for the most darling little one year old. When we heard bathtime and ONE year old -- we immediately thought "Rubber Duckie, you're the ONE!!" So that was our jumping off point for the decor and gifts. We did our yellow dots (bubbles) table cloth on the back table -- and our yellow swirlie (kind of wave like) runner on the main table. We scattered our felt dots as well as round mirrors on the main table -- which looked like bubbles... and filled several round vases with our "bubbles" -- clear plastic and Styrofoam balls in varying sizes -- and rubber duckies. We did one larger vase in the center of the table as well. Lucinda had done some gorgeous pink and orange flowers that we used (just the pink peonies on the table here) that also made it extra special. We were going straight up orange, yellow and white, when in walked Julie with her fabulous treats -- and she told me the mom told her that she wanted elements of pink and blue as well. Always happy to roll with whatever is throw our way -- we did a last minute switch to pink plates and blue gingham napkins. I am so pleased with how that curve ball spiced up the entire look! I also did a BIRTHDAY BALLOON... a huge clear "bubble" that I filled (I should've filled it more -- but we are still working out the kinks on the big balloons... and it seemed QUITE full when it was deflated!) with blue and white sparklie fuzzy balls... which was a really cool effect. Each of our little guests took home a darling goodie bag filled with a rubber duckie, a duck noise maker, and a fabulous assortment of bath time salts and scrubs and sudsie bath markers and such. This was such a cute - but not cutesy in any - way to celebrate a first birthday -- and we just loved how it turned out!

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