Wednesday, June 8, 2011

JADEtribe is coming...

I first discovered JADEtribe about two years ago when I was on the hunt for a summer vacation gift for Juliet. I succeeded in my mission to buy Juliet something super chic and beach fabulous when I happened upon the small JADEtribe purse with leather wrist strap. Juliet loved it and so began our joint romance with this incredible brand. Once we met the founder Kimberly Hartman we knew it was true-love. Kimberly has managed to combine 100% natural fabrics with ethical work practice. Kimberly hires the women of the rural town of Laos to create and sew the textiles giving us beach(y), bohemian cool bags & purses. The COOP has placed a big order which arrives next week - but you better hurry before Juliet and I scoop up the lot!

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