Thursday, June 30, 2011


We hosted a FANTASTIC 4 ALARM FIREMAN party at the COOP this past weekend. It falls into our new category of "the whole COOP and Caboodle" party! Meaning that we were in charge of just about everything on this one! Adult food, cupcakes, fruit, flowers... just about every extra you would need for a fantastic celebration! We also had a train out in the front courtyard, and a REAL firetruck taking the kids for rides around the neighborhood! The fireman also brought some water play -- which was GREAT considering it was the hottest afternoon we have had this year! Despite the heat -- the party was a huge success. Julie from Blue Cupcake -- who NEVER disappoints -- did an amazing cake and cupcake display for the table centerpiece, which was flanked by some gorgeous flowers -- red, yellow and white -- I did just for the occasion. We did FOUR of our big Birthday balloons -- 2 red inside -- 2 brilliant white outside... which I think really adds so much to the look of the party. There is something so modern and chic about fewer - but waaaaaaay larger balloons, in my humble opinion. I think they looked gorgeous. All the kiddos go their very own fireman hat (these were a hit for the ride on the truck!) and a bag with a stuffed Dalmatian dog, a fireman badge and a super cute fire hydrant sippy cup. Mom also brought these really gorgeous firetruck cookies that were put in the goodie bags AND offered up during the party. It was a blazing day... super hot and super fun for all!

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