Sunday, November 20, 2011

NEW TEEPEE - Part Deux!

I just painted us another fabulous Teepee for the COOP the other night! I love how it turned out. In the ever growing things my kids have lost to the COOP file -- is the OLD teepee. Which was actually my son Grants Birthday present 2 years ago -- and then I painted it COOP -ie and brought it down to the COOP where it was soooooo loved and well used -- that it pretty much got trashed! Oh well... my boys are used to making sacrifices for the COOP! So -- this past week I was inspired to get a new one done.... and this time I decided to add our COOP eggs and one little COOP chick on it. I love love love how it looks. Lucinda and I are trying to really get the COOP brand solidified -- so I wanted to make sure it was unmistakably OURS! COOP eggs, COOP chick -- super fab! I really wanted to do a band of 2 or three rows of eggs -- but when I realized just how time consuming the detail work was I just did one! As it was I was painting till 2 a.m.! There is always next time!!!

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